Saturday, December 19, 2009

Listen to Your Children

When was the last time you really listened to your child? I don’t mean just hearing what they say. But, rather considering, contemplating, and thoroughly processing what they are really trying to tell you. As a mother of 3 and with prayers being sent up above for more, I totally understand how Moms can get swept away in the moment. Some days we fight just to keep our head (and sanity) above water let alone give each child the attention they need and deserve.

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to take a nice hour long walk with my oldest; he is 8. He is a quiet, self-sufficient, and mature boy. He doesn’t demand attention, has never thrown a tantrum in his life, and is an all around very easy going child. However, just because he doesn’t demand attention like his younger siblings it doesn’t mean he needs our love and attention any less. During our walk today it was just he and I (and our little dog), no other distractions, and no one else trying to talk to us. As we walked we chatted a little about things he was imagining. Soon though he wanted to run and ran off ahead of me. Alone in my thoughts I began to think about “adult” things; you know the stresses and life situations that seem to plague us everyday. After while we began walking together again and that is when he said something that struck me, it brought me out of my own thoughts and into the moment; into his world of thoughts. What he said is not important, what is important is that our childrens reality is a far cry from our everyday thoughts. As it should be. We need to keep in mind however,  that what they are saying to us is important. If it wasn’t important to them they wouldn’t put voice to their thoughts. Today on our walk my son put voice to the random thoughts in his head and on that walk the Lord put his hand on my shoulder and said “listen my child, he is speaking”. After that I stopped giving the typical “uh huh” responses common when I am with my own thoughts. I engaged my son in real conversation and it was amazing. As our children grow it becomes more and more important to listen to what they are really saying. Trust me they really are trying to tell you something important.


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