Saturday, December 19, 2009

My "Why I Homeschoo Moment of the day"

If you are a homeschool Mom you understand that some days are “off”. Be it because of your own mood or your children’s, some days just aren’t as productive or rewarding as others. Thankfully it is the “not so good” days that make me appreciate the great days. In my own experience I have had moments when I just want to hug my children, drop to my knees, and praise God for the amazing blessing he has given us through homeschooling. My moment today wasn’t quite so dramatic but I still had to hold back tears of joy. Today during reading our reading lesson my 5 year old was quickly and accurately reading words he had never seen before. I wanted to scream for joy. I have taken a child, my own precious gift from God and taught him how to read and he actually understands the concept. It is these moments that make the struggles worth every second.

You don’t have to homeschool to have these moments. So long as you teach your child something new, you too can experience the joy of educating your child beyond everyday lessons.


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