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Review: Reading Eggs

 Reading Eggs- Learn to Read Online with Phonics in 5 Weeks from ages 3-13

As a member of The Homeschool Lounge and a homeschool blogger I was given the opportunity to review Reading Eggs with my three school age children. I was most excited for this review opportunity for my 5 year old daughter who is a non-reader and shows very little interest in learning to read.

From the very beginning I could tell that Reading Eggs was going to be not only educational but also fun and engaging for my young 5 year old. Because she is unable to read I had her begin the program from the very beginning without taking the optional reading assessment. She dove right into the program and the first few weeks she gladly spent one hour or more engrossed in her lessons. Her interest only waned bit when I made her repeat a few of the levels she had already completed because she did not pass the quiz at the end of the group 10 reading activities. Otherwise she thoroughly enjoyed the Reading Eggs online reading program completely.

In a nutshell, or shall I say "in an eggshell" children can either begin the online reading program from the very beginning or take an assessment reading test to see at which reading level they read proficiently. After the reading assessment the program will start the child at the appropriate level in the Reading Egga game. For example, my 7 year old son took the reading test and began the game on map #8 based on his test results whereas my 5 year old began the game on map #1 because she is a non-reader. Each map is laid out like a walking path and includes 20 steps along the path. Each stop along the pathway is a game or activity for the letter sound or set of sounds that the map is teaching. At the end of the map is a quiz. If the child passes the quiz then it is recommended to move on to the next map. However, the program advises repeating the map if your child does not pass the quiz as was the case with my daughter and map #2. I appereciated the fact that quiz results were emailed to my email address so I could stay up to date on my chldren's progress throught the program without having to hover and watch them every minute.

At the end of my Reading Eggs review program I could tell that my children, especially my 5 year benefitted from this program. She learned new letter blend sounds, she can now recognize a few 2 letter words, and is more proficient at sounding out words when we do our hands on reading lessons. My children all enjoyed this program and were excited to play it everyday.

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You may also enjoy a free trial period by visiting Reading Eggs

Disclosure: I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by The Homeschool Lounge Review Team. I received a 5 week membership to Reading Eggs to facilitate this review. All opinions stated are my own.

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