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E-book series review "The Word of God on. . ." by Candy Foote

I was recently given the opportunity to review 5 of Candy Foote's "The Word of God on. . ." e-books. This series of e-books is a compilation of scripture on specific topics. I chose to review all of Candy's books because each of the five topics are of particular interest to me. Each e-book can be purchased from Candy Foote for between $5.00 and $14.99 (prices may differ because of sales or monthly specials).

If you have ever read the Word or studied the Bible at all you have most likely written down verses of interest or noted areas you wanted to study later. Personally, I know when I need guidance from God's Word on topics in my life I consult the concordance in the back of my Bible and note verses I want to look up. I might note these verses in my journal or bookmark them with something I have laying near me at the time. Never have I compiled or copied all of the verses on a particular subject. Enters Candy and her wonderful gift. Candy has compiled all of the verses that relate to a variety of important life topics. Currently available are The Word of God on Prosperity ($5.00), The Word of God on Healing ($10.00), The Word of God on the Words of Your Mouth ($14.99), The Word of God on the Parables of Jesus Christ ($14.99), The Word of God on Being a Woman, a Wife, and a Mother ($14.99).

In my opinion, uses and applications for these e-books include personal or group Bible studies as well as homeschool Bible research and copywork. These e-books would also be helpful for scripture memorization.

The Word of God on Prosperity (on sale for $5.00) 
Prosperity is defined as a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects. Prosperity is something I think we all struggle with from time to time. Society has taught us to strive for success and wealth. But have we ever stopped to consider what the Bible has to say about prosperity? 

My husband and I are at a stage in our life where this topic is of particular interest so I have spent some time in the Word studying scripture that relates to success, wealth, and life happiness. Candy does a great job of compiling scripture as it relates to prosperity. Included in this e-book is not only scripture about what God wants from us as it relates to prosperity but also verses that teach us the best way to go about achieving success in God's eyes.

Personally, I would have included more verses from Ecclesiastes because I personally think this book from the Bible speaks volumes about prosperity and happiness with success. Candy presently includes Ecc. 2:26, Ecc. 5:18-19, and Ecc. 11:1-2. My favorite verses on prosperity are Ecc. 3 and Ecc. 4:4. The last verse being one that my husband and I remind each other of constantly; Then I observed that most people are motivated to success because they envy their neighbors. But this, too, is meaningless- like chasing the wind. Ecc. 4:4 (NLT)

All in all, this e-book is a wonderful compilation of prosperity related scripture. It is easy to read and a great reference resource when studying prosperity. This e-book is available in both the KJV and NIV versions. This book is 67 total pages, of which 52 are scripture references.

The Word of God on Healing (on sale for $10.00)
There is a great amount of scripture on healing and Jesus' ability to heal those who are ill or handicapped.  How often do we consult His Word for comfort and solace when we are sick? Society as a whole turns towards doctors before they turn towards God. Candy's compilation of healing scripture reminds us and gives clear direction for where we should turn when we need God's healing powers. This book would be a wonderful gift for someone in your life that is dealing with health issues or even for an older child or teen coping with health issues of loved ones.

Just as in her other books Candy references scripture from Genesis to Revelations on the wonderful power of God's healing. The Word of God on Healing is available in KJV and NIV. This book is 66 total pages, of which 61 are scripture references.

The Word of God on the Words of Your Mouth ($14.99)
I think we can all use help with the words of our mouths. As hard as we try I think we all struggle from time to time on the words that we speak. Be it the tone with which we say our words, the joking sarcasm that stings unintentionally, the way we talk to our children and spouses, or even just the words we choose; we can all gain useful insight and guidance from God on how to best use our gift of speech.

The Word of God on the Words of Your Mouth is chalk full of wonderful scripture that guides and teaches us how to temper our voice. This book is a wonderful devotional tool. I personally will be using this book as a study tool for my children in our homeschool curriculum. Teaching children about the power and importance of their words is important to me. In addition to my own Bible I will be using this ebook as a reference tool for my own children. 

 The Word of God on the Words of Your Mouth is available in KJV. This book is 133 total pages, of which 129 are scripture references.

The Word of God on the Parables of Jesus Christ ($14.99)
The Bible tells us that Jesus often taught in parables. Rather than teaching directly to the problem Jesus told stories, also known as parables, to his people to teach them indirect lessons related to their problems. Much like a parent does when teaching their children. Reading and understanding the parables of Jesus are important and essential to developing a relationship with our Savior.

Candy's compilation of parables would be useful for a new believer or children in their Bible studies. The parables of the Bible can provide countless discussions and learning opportunities for children. Parables relate to life lessons that we can all use to live a better Christ-like life.

 The Word of God on the Words of Your Mouth is available in KJV and NIV. This book is 41 total pages, of which 36 are scripture references.

The Word of God on Being a Woman, a Wife, a Mother ($14.99)
Society tries to impose a variety of morals, ideals, and expectations on women these days. But how many of us stop to consider what God wants women to do? Since becoming a wife and a mother this is a topic I have spent a considerable amount of time pondering and studying. In my time of research though I have never compiled scripture in the complete manner in which Candy has done. This ebook is a complete compilation of not only the women of the Bible and their history's but also how we as women should act and think as mothers, wives, and Christian women.  If you have ever struggled with the dichotomy of society pressures and scripture I highly recommend this book. Personally I have started using this ebook during my personal devotion time and journaling my thoughts on how to best live the many facets of my life as a woman according to scripture. This book would be wonderful for any woman, teen through adulthood that wants to live their life according to His Word.

The Word of God on Being a Woman, a Wife, and a Mother is available in KJV and NIV. This book is 101 total pages, of which 95 are scripture references.

All of Candy's ebooks would make wonderful additions to any devotional library. Rather than constantly referencing your Bible index or concordance, Candy has compiled it all into easy to read and reference books.

All of these books were provided to me for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion.

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