Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lessons on Virtues

Undoubtedly I have a unique teaching style when homeschooling my children. I am a product of the public school system and admittedly rather enjoyed my time spent in the system. I did well in school and went to a “nerdy” college known for its academics and science programs. So through it all I enjoy and gain a great deal of satisfaction from a planned school day. I strive to add fun things to our day to keep learning fun and new everyday.

One of the “things” I decided to add  to our daily curriculum is The BOOK OF VIRTUES by William J. Bennett. It goes without saying that as parents we teach our children from the minute they wake-up in the morning until their sweet little heads hit the pillow. And for some of us, well beyond the time that they are sleeping. I find myself regularly thinking about what else I can teach my children, how I can teach them better, and what I should have done differently from the day before. Learning and teaching never stops. Friends and strangers regularly comment on how polite and well behaved our children are which of course warms my heart. So why then did I choose to add lessons on virtues to our curriculum? Admittedly so, sometimes to my own fault I worry about my children growing up into well rounded adults. My hearts prayer is that they are not only book smart and street smart, but also that they have warm loving hearts. Hearts that are virtuous. I have heard so many wonderful things about Bennett’s The BOOK OF VIRTUES so when I began considering adding this subject to our daily lessons it seemed like a natural fit. Like many of you, lessons on virtues are part of our daily teachings to our children but herein lies my tendencies for formal education. I think it is not only beneficial to informally teach your children lessons but also share with them a more formal education on big life lessons such as virtues. In doing research on this book and virtue lesson plans I came across a wonderful site that has graciously written and made available a complete lesson plan for Bennett’s Book. The Shiver Academy

We formally started our lessons on virtues this morning. Our first unit is on self-discipline which is fitting considering my young children tend to struggle in this category. We enjoyed a cute story about the importance of saying please. Now perhaps my kids will remember this story next time they want something. Like in our story this morning, please seems to get stuck in their mouth and does not come up very often for air.

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