Saturday, December 19, 2009

Favorite Christmas Memory

Memories are something I treasure dearly and hold close to my heart. With that in mind I thought I’d share my favorite Christmas memory with all of you.

My favorite Christmas memory isn’t one specific event or year. Rather it is a collection of years that came to become treasured memories. Growing up we did not live near extended family so when I was young my parents started an annual tradition with two other families that also did not have extended family close for the Holidays. In total there were 5 children and 3 sets of parents. Each year we all met for not only Thanksgiving but also Christmas. Through the years my favorite memories include the turkey leftover from Thanksgiving became homemade turkey noodle soup for Christmas. Each year the kids also got to all tear into a homemade and beautifully decorated gingerbread house. We feasted on snacks and stuffed ourselves on amazing food; all of us commiserating later that we were stuffed. There were gift exchanges and treasured presents. Most of all though the magic of the season wasn’t food or presents it was the joys that we all experienced by simply coming together every year. We have all grown and gone our separate ways and started Holiday traditions with our own family. One treasured member of our group has also gone home to be with God in Heaven. While the group will never be together as it was when we were kids, everyone of us hold those years close to our hearts. Laughs and love abound within our group and lifelong friendships were set in stone.

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