Monday, January 31, 2011

TOS Crew Review: Times Alive! by City Creek Press

Do you have a child that is struggling to learn their multiplication facts? Is memorizing multiplication facts just not coming easily to your child despite repeated drills and fun math games? I can relate!

My 9 year old has been learning his multiplication facts for nearly 2 years now and still struggles with even the simplest facts. This struggle has proved to to be frustrating for not only me and his teacher but he was at the point of frustration with himself as well. As he advanced in his math curriculum he was required to recall more and more multiplication facts more quickly and more often. His inability to recall these facts was slowing down his overall math learning and progression.

As a result, I was thrilled when I found out we were going to be reviewing a math program specifically aimed at helping students quickly and easily recall their multiplication facts. Times Alive! by City Creek Press is a software program available for both PC and Mac users and can be purchased or downloaded on the City Creek press website. City Creek Press was founded by former Sylvan Learning Center owner Judy Liautaud.

The Times Alive! software is a compilation of tests, entertaining multiplication cartoons paired with catchy songs that teach multiplication facts, multiplication worksheets, and a parent specific area where students' progress and performance can be tracked.

How we used this product:
Times Alive! was incredibly easy to incorporate into our regular math curriculum. After my 4th grader finished his regular math assignment for the day I would set him up with the Times Alive! program. I never set a time limit on these drills I simply let him set the pace and do as much or as little as he liked. More often than not he was still working on, listening to, and enjoying this software after an hour or more. I have to admit that the cutest part of this whole review opportunity was hearing him sing the catchy songs around the house and seeing my younger two children gathered around the computer listening in and watching the cartoons right along with their older brother.

After completing the Times Alive! software program I reviewed my son's progress and achievements. I was excited to see he scored in the upper 90th percent on all of his tests. It has been a couple of weeks since he completed this software and I can honestly say that I have noticed a wonderful improvement in his ability to quickly recall his multiplication math facts and his confidence for "pop quizzes" throughout the day has skyrocketed. My oldest has always been a visual/auditory learner. I have never been able to just explain something to him verbally, I always have to follow-up my explanations with visual instruction. This multiplication software combines both aspects of his learning needs in one program. The catchy songs coupled with the entertaining cartoons has helped my son remember the mnemonic tricks of multiplication.

If your child is not ready for multiplication, City Creek Press also has Addition The Fun Way

Pricing information:
Available for download or purchase, PC or Mac versions, $48.95

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Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. No other form of compensation was received.

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