Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paperback Swap Saves Homeschoolers Money and Time

Have you discovered Paperback Swap? If you are a homeschooler or Mom who loves books then you are seriously missing out on a HUGE time and money saving website.

I have to admit, it took me a few months to really catch on to the glory that is Paperback Swap (PBS). I initially set up my account and then did not really do anything with it. However, as I began clearing off my book shelves to declutter and make room for new book and homeschool curriculum I reconsidered using Paperback Swap. I am so glad I gave it another thought!

What is so wonderful about PBS? Simply put, you get rid of books you no longer need or want and exchange them for other books you do want posted by fellow PBS members. The only cost to you is the initial cost of mailing a book that has been requested from you, which if you send via media mail postage costs range from $1-$4 depending on size and weight. Once a requesting member receives your book in the mail you will get a credit on your account. You can choose to purchase postage through PBS and receive immediate credit or mail the book yourself at your post office and wait for the book to reach its destination to receive credit. When you request a book you use the credits you have accumulated on your account and pay nothing additional. Each book is 1 credit while audio books are 2 credits.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.I have gotten rid of a large amount of unwanted books so far and in exchange am receiving books that my children and I do need (or enjoy). For instance, a few weeks ago I was browsing at our local large chain bookstore. I found a book on parenting twins that I wanted to buy. First though I checked PBS via my smart phone and discovered that I could request the book for free from a fellow PBS member using a credit on my account. Cha-ching, I saved the cost of a new book which in this case was $20 not including tax.

As a homeschool Mom I have also found a wealth of educational resources to use with my children. Not only am I receiving classics, biographies, and other treasured reading books for my children to enjoy I am also finding lesson planning books and curriculum resources that I would otherwise have to pay for. PBS keeps a running tally of how much money I have saved, but I honestly think it is on the low side of reality. If I were to buy the books I am receiving in the mail from other sources such as new at the bookstore or used off of Amazon I would have spent much more money than what is listed on my account as savings. Truth be told though, this is a non-issue for me. I am receiving high quality reading books and homeschool resources for pennies on the dollar and clearing clutter off of my bookshelves all at the same time. What homeschool Mom could ask for more?

If you have not signed up with Paperback Swap and plan to do so, please consider using my username momoftwinpinkpeas or click on the link below:

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

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