Friday, January 7, 2011

Praying for 16 more weeks

I have quickly come to realize that when you are pregnant with twins every week that they are safely growing inside your belly is a huge milestone. Having uncomplicated pregnancies with my singletons, this was a fact that I took for granted. Carrying twins though raises this importance to the Nth degree. Every week has brought new changes to my body. These changes are similar to carrying a singleton but they are compounded a million times because of the number of babies and the fact that I am petite.

What does carrying twins look like on a 5'2" small framed woman? Well, when I am fully clothed it isn't so bad. I just look like I am due any day now. Under the clothes is a whole other story! A blanket of stretch marks has been laid clear across my belly beginning on one side where my belly meets my back and stretches clear across to the other side. The extra almost 20 pounds that I have gained so far has been distributed in such lovely places like my neck, arms, and thighs. My blood volume is now equal to a full term singleton pregnancy. My heart is working at the equivalency of running a marathon when I am sitting still.

Despite these and other challenges of carrying twins I am still in awe at this amazing blessing I get to experience. I have dreamed about being a Mother of twins since I was a young teenager. I have no idea why I would dream and wish for something like that at such a young age but I did. Perhaps it was God telling me that if I came to know him that he would bless me.

I am 22 weeks pregnant today. I am praying for 16 more weeks.

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  1. Lovely, just lovely. We adopted twin boys (3 years ago from Poland when they were 8) and I have always wished I had given birth to them. Congratulations, and yes - praying for another 16 weeks for you!

  2. You know I'm praying for you and the girls!



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