Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I do not do baby books

I have started scrapbooks for my children with the hopes of creatively documenting their childhood. Truth be told though, I have failed miserably. The farthest I have made it is one year of one child's life (he is now 6). Pathetic!

A few months after my oldest biological son was born I realized that scrapbooking was not going to be a successful way of remembering his younger years. Because I enjoy writing I thought I would try my hand (literally) at journaling his childhood. Six years later I am still journaling for him and have since added journals for other two children.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my thoughts, hopes, wishes, and dreams for each of my children in their respective journals. I also include important events in their lives just like typical baby books. Unlike baby books though I am able to add more detail and emotion to the events. From time to time, I include pictures like you find in regular baby books. I have also enjoyed reading back through their journals from time to time. These journals have become a mini time capsule if you will, a memory filled book of each of my children's childhoods. My plan is to give each of them their books on their 18th birthday.

The books I chose for my boys are a traditional journal, an open book style. The green journal that I am journaling my daughter's childhood and the two red journals that I recently purchased for the twin girls that I am expecting are a magnetic closed book journal style. The journals for my three girls are more ornate and decorated than the styles I chose for my boys; just a personal preference.

If you enjoy writing or blogging, you might just enjoy journaling your child's childhood.

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  1. I have to say that I agree fully! I thought I would love scrapbooking my 3 kids lives but that shortly changed...I have never finished one, however I wrote to my children during my pregnancies with them and still continue to do that, finishing one journal and adding another...I think its a great way to tell them of things they have done or things they have said and how a mother truly feels about her children...There will be a day they dislike you and say that you never cared for them(the wonderful teen years) however you have proof and can share that with them...Love this post and its a great thing your doing!

  2. Thank you Mommy E! The same to you. :) I love the idea of putting their journal in their face when they are a teenager and are screaming at you for not caring or loving them. In the midst of my tears I will gladly read to them all of my heartfelt journal entries professing my love and devotion to them.



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