Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Should Have Stayed Home Today

I had one of those days today to say the very least. Through it all though I am proud of myself for keeping a positive attitude and rolling with the challenges set before me.

So what happened today?

First it started with my 5 year old that had a sour attitude about school this morning. Worse than normal unfortunately, but we rolled with it and made it safely to lunch. After lunch I thought it would be nice to get the boys out of the house to take the dogs for a walk and enjoy our wonderful weather. 10 minutes into the walk my oldest son falls off of his scooter and scrapes up his arm pretty badly. Unable to ride his scooter we headed back home to clean up his scrape. Out again I go to take my youngest to the park. He wanted to race to the playground but on par for the day he falls right before getting there. Time to console and kiss more owies. After a nice hour at the park I took him to the grocery store to pick up a few things. What could possibly go wrong in a store right? Wrong. Tantrum time. I took it in stride though. We safely made it home then my husband asked if I wanted to go for a walk. Sure, why not? Just him, the dogs, and myself. What could go wrong? Nothing, that is until we were on the back side of the canyon open area that borders our house. When we walk this route we let our dogs off of their leash to run and play. We've never had an issue the hundreds of times we have taken them on this walk. I should have known though. Not only does my lab capture a squirrel (which I felt horrible for) but came close to dying for the second time in her life. Yes I said dying. My lovely lab put the icing on the cake by stumbling upon a rattlesnake in a bush just off to the side of the trail. As soon as she jumped in that bush I heard the distinctive rattle and immediately yelled at my dog as well as my husband to do something, anything. Keep in mind I was only 2 feet from her when she surprised this deadly snake. My husband thought it was a sprinkler but eventually my screaming and jumping up and down convinced him otherwise. Praise the Lord our dog is voice trained and after a few moments gave up on the pursuit of her hunt.

Tonight I will be thanking the Lord for keeping my family and my dogs safe and I will be praying for a better day tomorrow.


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