Friday, January 22, 2010

Family Friendly Friday #2

So sorry that I didn't post a tip last Friday, the week got away from me before I knew it. This week's family friendly tip is inspired by our weather this past week. We have been stuck inside because of rain, rain, and more rain. Oh and don't forget hail, lightning, wind, and brutally cold temperatures. All the time inside has forced me to confront the piles I have laying around the house. I really only have 2 areas that needed serious help; an area just off our kitchen and my desk.

My piles are something I have battled for quite some time and have never found a solution that works for me and my family. So this week instead of the usual "clean up" I decided to wipe the slates clean and start fresh.

My solution to clutter that contains stuff you really need:
Grab a large box
Transfer all of your clutter into the box
Clean/dust the area
Take the box to a trash can. Quickly throw away everything that is trash in the box.
Sort the items left in the box into "zone" piles (i.e. garage, kitchen, bedroom, kids, etc)
Now that you have your piles, take each of your piles to their appropriate homes. Now don't just set them down somewhere in their new home. Put them where they belong so you aren't creating more clutter elsewhere in your house.

I cleaned my desk off using this method 2 weeks ago and as I write this it is still clean and clutter free. It is so refreshing to have neatness surround me rather than the ever frustrating clutter. I always stressed about my piles and the messiness they portrayed to my guests. Now I don't have to worry, my house is clutter free.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

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