Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: God Gave us the World

Quality Christian children's books can be challenging to find. Some deal with questionable issues while others are too simplistic and do not truly teach Christian values.

I recently received a copy of God Gave Us the World by Lisa Tawn Bergren to review with my 3 children. I have enjoyed reading the other books in this series so I was excited to be given the opportunity to review the latest in Bergren's God Gave Us collection.

Product Description:
Little Cub’s trip to a special museum exhibit, “Bears Around the World,” sparks a flurry of questions from the young polar bear who is just beginning to learn about life beyond her North Pole home. 

As Mama Bear shares with her about the different types of places that God has put the various types of bears, with their different kinds of fur and eating habits, Little Cub begins to wonder: Why didn’t God make us all the same?

With Mama’s loving guidance, Little Cub is taught to see the vastness of God’s wonderful creation, his abilities as an amazing, inventive Creator, his desire for us to care for our world, and especially the important lesson that…
“Every bear has a special place in God’s great, big world.”

This adorable story offers young children who are discovering their place in God’s big world an opportunity to learn about the wonder of diversity, the gift of creativity, the importance of caring for His gifts, and how each child, each creation, is special to God.

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How we used this book:
Over the course of several weeks I added this book to our bedtime book reading options. My children get to choose what book they want to have read to them at bedtime so I simply added this book as an available option for them. After being introduced to the book they began regularly requesting that I read this book over and over to them before turning in for the evening. A repeatedly requested book in our house translates literally into a book that is highly enjoyed.

I have to agree with my children's opinion of this beautifully crafted book. Not only is it written in Bergren's signature style with a solid story line and wonderfully interwoven lessons on God's gifts to us and Creation but the illustrations are captivating and beautifully done. As a Mother trying my best to teach my children core Christian values, Creationism, and to appreciate all of the splendid gifts that God gives us each day I tend to be very selective on the Christian books that I read to my children. Fortunately Bergren yet again delivered a well written Christian children's book that addresses core Christian values in a solid yet child-appealing manner just like the rest of the books in her God Gave Us collection.

Pricing information at the time of this review:
$7.91 on Amazon
$8.99 on

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this book from the publisher Random House in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No other form of compensation was received.

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