Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving Blog Info For the Twins

I started Shepherding Kind Hearts as my outlet for everything related to homeschooling, motherhood, and homemaking. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant with twins I asked you all where you wanted to receive pregnancy updates and such on the girls. Universally everyone agreed that here on SKH was best. I agreed to continue posting their updates here with the disclaimer that there may come a point in time when I would have to rearrange things for convenience and sanity's sake. That time has come.

Because of the girls' unique situation and our new reality I have decided to no longer post updates on them here but rather on the blog I started a couple months ago for just them. This will give me a better sense of separation between the two blogs. I am passionate about homeschooling and homemaking and I am looking forward to returning this blog to that focus; even if I am not doing a lot of homeschooling or homemaking while living 2 hours away from my family.

If you would like to continue receiving updates on the girls, please join us over at Two Pink Peas in a Pod. You can get updates by email or by google friend connect, I will add Networked Blogs soon if that is your preferred method of reading updates.

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  1. I look forward to reading your updates on your twins. I'd love to see a Networked Blogs set up for that one because it makes it easier to see the update on my FB feed, but do what is best for YOU.



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