Monday, February 14, 2011

The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever

Both girls had head scans and EKG's today. The head scans were to check for a brain bleed. Brain bleeds in premature babies can lead to complications such as cerebral palsy. Jillian's first head scan was unclear, it was a maybe, maybe not diagnosis. The EKG for each of the girls was to see if their PDA valve, the heart valve that closes at or soon after birth was closed.

We just got the results!

Praise Him and His mighty hand of healing! Both girls have clear and normal head scans. Upon receiving these words I cried tears of joy. Such amazing news! I could not have asked for a better Valentine's Day gift.

As expected the valve on both girls is still open. Britian's is open just a tiny, tiny bit so we are hopeful that with medication her valve will close. Jillian's is open more so than her sister's but she will still receive the medication to try and close the valve. We will continue praying for them! Heart surgery is not an option I really want to face, but we will take it one day at a time.

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  1. That is wonderful news Alexis. I will keep praying!

  2. Great News! Happy Valentines Day! Prayers continuing. I shared your story with my Bible study so more people are praying for you now.

  3. SO thrilled to hear this. I have a lovely young friend who had her PDA surgically closed when she was 12 and it was an easy procedure. Praying the Lord has a plan to close it Himself shortly. :)

  4. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! Continuing to pray for your miracles!

  5. Congratulations!!! Believe me when I tell you a year from now this will all seem like a dream, and you will have a wonderful story to tell the twins when they get older. Again if you need someone to talk to who has been through this contact me via facebook...Melissa Kiser Montejano. Many blessings and prayers.

  6. Thank you for the update and praise the Lord for His hands on them! We will continue praying and spreading the word for continued prayers. Blessings!

  7. My daughter also had a PDA plugged when she was 15 months old. Out patient...small incision in the groin....easy fix. Praying for total closure before it comes to that sort of thing. Our Dr wanted to give it a year to close before no worries for now. Keeping everyone in my prayers. Thanks so much for the update.
    God's Blessings

  8. What a Valentines present! So thankful for you and your family. Our family will continue to lift you all up in our prayers.

  9. Praying for your beautiful daughters.



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