Friday, February 18, 2011

Our First Setback

I know setbacks are inevitable with micro preemies, honestly and truly I do. My mind knows they are inevitable but my heart feels otherwise. But I am putting all of my faith and trust in God that this is His will for my baby girl and He will continue to provide for and heal her little body according to His perfect timing.

Britian's last sonographer briefly trained me in how to read PDA echo's. So when Jillian's echo was being done today I knew exactly what to look for. I haven't even heard the official diagnosis but I KNOW it is open. So crushing to see the red (returning blood flow) pulsing up through her duct. So here we go with another round of indomethacin, the dug used to close PDAs. Also, Jillian's blood CO2 levels  have been climbing for the past 24 hours. Her conventional vent settings are getting too high in an attempt to lower her total CO2. So back on the high frequency jet vent she goes. Frustrated! But I know she will heal and continue to grow all on her own time.

Thank you for your continued prayers and words of encouragement!

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  1. Thanks for posting an update. They are continually in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Praying for you and those little cuties. My whole small group is praying for the healing and growth.

  3. Praying for your girls, they are....."fearfully & wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14



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