Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review: Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God

Have you ever wondered about certain people from the Bible? Ever questioned what happened to them? Why were they important? Why were they chosen?

I know in my reading of the Bible I have wondered these and many other questions about the various people described in the Bible. Because of this I was intrigued to read Max Lucado's book Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God. As with the other books I have read by Lucado, I was not disappointed with this one. In his book Lucado wonders out loud about everyone from Joesph to Peter. In his typical short chapters and easy reading, Lucado asks and answers the same questions many of us wonder while we are reading scripture. Of course he can not answer everything, there is so much left for the imagination in the white spaces of the Bible. Despite this, Lucado's wit and humor make for an enjoyable read about a wide array of characters presented in the Bible. 

Also included at the end of each chapter is a set of review/study questions about the character and topics discussed in the proceeding chapter. I found these questions to be particularly insightful when Lucado referenced verses. Through these review questions I stumbled upon verses I have either never read or have never really "read" for their meaning.  If you have ever wondered about the cast of characters in the Bible or you enjoy Lucado's writing style, I highly recommend this book.

From the publisher book description

Some of the most powerful stories from the Bible will come alive for today’s readers through these inspiring selections from the writings of Max Lucado. Max provides a compelling look at the most high-impact moments in the biblical narrative, drawn from his previous 20+ years of writing. At the end of each chapter will be study guide questions so the reader can go deeper into this scripture.

Extraordinary stories are told about the following characters: Mary, Peter, Matthew, Joseph, Nicodemus, Woman at the Well, David, Esther, Job, The Samaritan Woman, John, Rich Young Man.
Thomas Nelson Publishing kindly provided me with free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. That sounds like a great book! Will have to add it to my list of requests and see if the library has a copy.



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