Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Year Went Way Too Quickly!

I remember it so clearly; this time last year I was eagerly and anxiously awaiting the start of our first year of homeschooling. I thought I had it all figured out. I had chosen a "boxed" curriculum, I had all the school supplies, and we had a cute place to work. All I was waiting for was August to roll around and we'd begin our first year. SO much has changed from July 2009 to July 2010, I will spare you all the details. Suffice to say, our first year of homeschooling was a HUGE blessing and an even BIGGER challenge some days.

Through it all though, I feel like our first year flew by with lightning speed. The boys and I learned about everything from Creation to the Greeks, the human body to a greater detail than I remember learning in elementary school, math facts spilled from their lips, and we gleaned a lot of enjoyment from our morning devotional time together as a family. I just simple can not believe that our first year has been finished for over 2 months and we are on the cusp of starting a new year. No longer am I a "first year homeschooler", but rather I am a "second year homeschool Mom who doesn't know much more than last year but I know how to stumble through the bad days and rejoice on the great days".

I am incredibly excited for our 2nd year to begin sometime in August. No, I haven't set a date for our "official" first day. Much to our style, we will just start when it feels right. I know the boys will start showing signs when they are ready to get back to the books in earnest. As it stands now, my oldest is reviewing stuff from last year that he struggled with and my 5 year old is knee deep in his 1st grade materials. My boys have 2 very different learning styles and personalities which keeps our days interesting to say the least. I have one son who burns out very quickly but always has to be challenged so I have to manage his work load very carefully to maximize the time we spend together learning. My other son will do anything I put in front of him without one word of complaint. But I digress, I am excited about the new curriculum we are adding and the old favorites we are returning to.

In the coming weeks be on the look out for curriculum reviews, TOS Crew reviews, book reviews, and the typical musings from this homeschool Mom.

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