Friday, July 9, 2010

Lessons learned this week

I am a firm believer in reflecting upon your day, your week, and sometimes even your life to learn lessons and grow from them. Growth can not happen without reflection. Having said that, I thought I would share with you some things I learned this week.

1. I have 2 boys that are wired completely different. One can sit for long periods of time and do all the school work I assign him. While my other son has a physiological need to be active. He has a real need to climb and can not focus until that energy is spent.

2. When the school day starts out rough it is OK to pause. Letting the disruptive or discouraged child run outside and play with the promise that school will get done today is GOOD for all parties involved. (this technique saved our Thursday)

3. It is OK to pick up what you are working on and take it to the park so the kids can play. A change of scenery is often beneficial for all parties involved. Next time though, I will pick a park not near a cow farm so the flies aren't so atrocious.

4. I was blessed with a son that does not baulk when I ask him to clean the bathroom. I will be utilizing this gift as much as possible. :)

5. Kicking the side of a car door accidentally hurts really badly. This will cause you to limp for hours and not be able to bend your knee for even longer. Note: DO NOT kick the side of a car door with your knee on accident unless you desire the afore mentioned side effects.

6. My mind too often turns "on" in the middle of the night. Staying awake for hours on end in the wee morning hours makes for a very tired Momma at night. Note: if at all possible get a nap on those nights when sleep was tough.

7. My back is not cut out to mow lawn on a riding mower. Lesson learned, our house will have a smooth lawn; no hills and no bumps.

8. I am blessed! I have amazing kids and a wonderful and loving husband.

What are some lessons you learned this week?

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