Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tough Chicks Reminds Me of Homeschool Kids

Tonight at bedtime I read Little Ms.Tough Chicks by Cece Meng. What a cute story! Not only was my daughter enjoying the story but so was I, which I believe is a mark of a good children's story. The art work is adorable and the story reads very easily. The thing that struck me most was the lesson taught in the book; essentially that it is ok to be different. We all have something to contribute and we are all important. There is nothing wrong with being tough or thinking outside of the box.

Isn't that what homeschooling is all about? Homeschool parents often hear that their kids are different or act strange. Just like the Mother hen in Tough Chicks. But like the Mother Hen we don't mind that our children are different or think and act outside of the box. Isn't that one of our purposes? (at least it is one of mine) I want my kids to think for themselves and find their own original solutions to problems that they encounter in life. The chicks in this story work together to use physics to figure out how to get the cow out of the mud pile. When reading this page I immediately thought of a group of homeschool kids working on a science project. Rather than being given the solution or holding their hands like what often happens in public school, these chicks were allowed to come together and work out a successful solution on their own. Because of their success they saved the farm and were no longer thought of as "bad" different but rather "good" different. Just like homeschool kids. Yep, they might be different but that is a GOOD thing! In my humble opinion!

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  1. You are right "good" different is good and you should embrace it and be confident in the creativeness you are fostering in your children. The book sounds like a good one too!



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