Saturday, March 20, 2010

My House is Beauitful

My house isn't anything fancy or spectacular. But it is the house that my husband and I have been blessed with and we are thankful for that. 

As I worked around the house today cleaning this and picking up that I realized that my house is beautiful because I have kids. Yep, there I said it. Despite the constant clutter and the never ending picking up I do behind my whilrwind children I am blessed. I have a house full of laughter, joy, prayer, and togetherness.

As I gazed out my kitchen window while doing dishes this afternoon I was blessed with the sight of a windsock my 5 year old made in Sunday school 2 weeks ago.  If I didn't have my son that windsock would have never been there. My children provide me with love, heartache, and a lifetimes worth of blessings. 

My house is beautiful! And so is yours if you have kids.

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  1. Yes we tend to take things for granted but when we stop our eyes are opened! If it were not for my children I would not messes to clean and hugs to be given out!!



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