Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Teaching Resources

I stumbled across Super Teacher Worksheets this evening as I was planning lessons for this upcoming week. All of the worksheet resources are FREE!! Who doesn't love free in this economy?!? There is a wide variety available for Math, Language Arts, Spelling, Holidays, and even fun puzzles. Each worksheet includes an answer key. As I write this I am printing off a bunch of them and will compile them into a binder of "worksheets" for using later.

Also, if you haven't already heard Lesson Pathways is now totally FREE! This is a great site for planning lessons. I am mainly using it with my oldest (3rd grade) for language arts lessons. I love that they have lessons to accompany a multitude of the readers for his age. Right now he is reading Stuart Little and then we will move on to The Trumpet Swan. Lessons Pathways has fun lessons for each of these books including many more.

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  1. Those are wonderful sites! I used to homeschool and am praying about bringing my boys back home. I know my 3 yr old will begin pre-school this fall with me.

  2. Thanks for helping to spread the word about!

    I'm glad you are enjoying our free Language Arts Pathways. I enjoyed reading those books when my girls were younger too. ;-)

    -Christina S.
    Homeschool Mom & Team Member



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