Monday, March 15, 2010

Can you wink?

There is a running joke in our house that Mom can't wink. And it is true. Honestly, I can't wink. So whenever my family wants a good laugh they ask me to try and wink. I will save you the pain of watching my face contort as I try to make only one eye close. But be rest assured that it is so funny it brings everyone to tears with laughing. Like tongue rolling, ear lobe shapes, and eye color, I suspect my inability to wink is genetic (or at the very least a muscle deficiency). So far my oldest can wink but my daughter is unable. There is still time for her to learn, but I know my boys were winking by her age so I have hope that she will be my partner in non-winking-dom. When asked to wink she will either close both of her eyes or do this:

Isn't she cute!!!

I don't mind being the comic relief for my family, it is fun to see them laugh so hard at my expense. My inability to wink will be one of those things my kids will tell their kids. Even into my old age I will be able to make those around me laugh without even saying a word. Perhaps Little Ms. will join me in the comic sessions and we can bring our family to tears with our contorted "trying" to wink faces.

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  1. Very cute! A fun little fact I didn't know before ;-)



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