Monday, February 8, 2010

Eliminate soda from your diet

About 6 months ago my husband and I made a conscientious decision to further improve our diet. For a long we have eaten low carb and included lean meats and veggies in our diet. However, undeniably we were addicted to soda and coffee. Our coffee was laden with lots of cream and sweetener. After our morning fix of coffee we always switched our caffeine addiction to diet soda. However, when our waistlines were increasing despite otherwise healthy eating we suspected our caffeine and sugary drinks were sabotaging our diet. We stopped our caffeine drinks cold turkey. I won't lie, it was rough. Three days or so of headaches and crazy cravings almost did me in mentally. Once we were past that period though it was smooth sailing and our waistlines shrank back to a normal size. Now while we didn't make our decision to stop soda and coffee based on scientific research, I thought that an article posted on the blog Dr.Momma might be educational for those of you that struggle with coffee and or soda. What happens to your body within 1 hour of drinking soda article.

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  1. Exactly! Robb even told me he was having issues with his memory and when he stopped drinking his diet pepsi that it seemed better!

    BTW- Love the image on the right "I have seen the village...I don't want them raising my kids" !!



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