Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Review & Giveaway: Tithing: Trust Me in This

Tithing: Trust Me in This by Douglas LeBlanc is a compilation of interviews performed across the country with people who are biblically committed to tithing. LeBlanc interviews eleven different persons regarding their journey towards tithing stewardship. Most people interviewed in this book are leaders in their church. LeBlanc not only recounts brief personal and religious history in each chapter but also correlates the history to their commitment to tithe 10% or more. Each chapter is a testimony of how committed tithing has blessed their lives and God has increased their financial strength so that over time they were able to tithe more.

I enjoyed reading Tithing: Trust me in This. It is a quick read that provides the reader with an opportunity to reflect on their own tithing practices and commitments. While this book is an interesting read, it is light on scripture references regarding tithing. Personally I was hoping for a biblically referenced argument for tithing somewhere in the book but found nothing convincing.  LeBlanc does provide a variety of perspectives on why each person(s) decided to tithe which gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own tithing practices and my personal level of tithing commitment. LeBlanc interviewed a wide variety of people on their tithing which was helpful to see that people from a wide variety of backgrounds both economically, socially, and religiously have all come to the same tithing commitment. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone exploring tithing to their church.

From the publisher Thomas Nelson:

Stories of people who live a generous and happy life (and why you'll want to live that way too).
Journalist Douglas LeBlanc travels the nation to talk with believers whose lives have been enriched by the ancient spiritual discipline of tithing. He discovers people along the way who do not understand the practice as an onerous law but as God’s call to a life of generosity and compassion. The effect on their lives is dramatic.
LeBlanc talks with a variety of believers—from a pastor in the south side of Chicago to progressive Episcopalians, from an Orthodox rabbi to an Eastern Orthodox priest and his wife. By holding their gifts with open hands, they are drawn deeper into a life of joy and sharing that begins in the very heart of God.
Volume VII in Thomas Nelson's Ancient Practices series.

Thomas Nelson publishing kindly provided me with an advanced free copy of Tithing: Trust Me in This in exchange for my honest review of this book.

If you would like an opportunity to read Tithing: Trust Me in This by Douglas LeBlanc I am giving away a free copy to one of my readers. To enter this giveaway leave a comment on why you want to read this book, grab my button from the side of my blog, or facebook about my giveaway. One entry will be given for each comment. Please include relevant links in your comment when appropriate. This giveaway will end February 13th, 2010.


  1. I know tithing is important, but this book would be a good reminder why...

  2. I am interested in learning more about tithing. To be honest, with my husband unemployed, we don't tithe much right now. I would like to let go of my fear and trust God to provide for our needs.

  3. I have wanted to read this book from the moment I saw on amazon. I love uplifting stories like those that will be in this book. And the message of trust and compassion are intriguing to me.

  4. Tithing is so important and I think so many people miss it. I would love to read this and share with my friends and family. Thanks.

  5. What a interesting concept. I have never heard of Tithing before and would love to read more. Thanks for the chance


  6. I know Tithing is extremely important. I would like to read about this person's experiences.

  7. Giving to God's kingdom is so important. I would be interested in reading this book.
    ThankfullyThrifty at gmail dot com

  8. I am adamit about paying Tithing! but my hubby is not! I think that this book would be good for us to read together to help him to understand why it is so important. It will also be able to help me explain to him why it is SO important to me!

  9. I have your button!

  10. I almost bought this book the other day because hubby & I need to be reminded why tithing is so important even when it seems financially tough. Thanks for the chance to win!



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