Friday, September 3, 2010

Review: Time 4 Learning Preschool

Looking for a fun and educational online preschool curriculum? Is your 3-4 year old ready to "do school" like their older siblings? Want something more than just dollar store workbooks for your eager to learn preschooler? Consider Time 4 Learning Preschool for your smart preschooler.

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was given the opportunity to review Time 4 Learning Preschool with my 3 year old daughter. As part of her preschool learning I have exposed her to online preschool educational games. She loves learning online and playing what she calls "her school games". She was thrilled when we started Time 4 Learning Preschool. Not only was this a new online experience for her but she was also learning new things that she had not been previously exposed to. Each time we sat down together to do her "school work" a few minute session quickly blossomed into 20 minutes or more of fun and educational learning.

The Time 4 Learning Preschool curriculum includes two levels, pre-K 1 and pre-K 2. Both options are easily accessible from the preschool learning page. The preschool page is nicely and colorfully arranged to make navigating the learning centers very easy. Both the pre-K 1 and pre-K 2 main pages start with cute main topic icons. Once you select a topic of interest, for example insects you are taken to the insect subset page. Within this subset page your child will have 5-6 educational activities to complete the insect unit. When each activity is completed a red check mark appears on the icon letting you know that activity has been completed. Once the entire unit, i.e. insects is complete there will be a red check mark on the main preschool home page. I found the red check mark system to be very easy to manage. At a quick glance I could see the progress my daughter was making with this program. I should also note that just because you have completed an activity or unit does not prevent you from repeating those activities. Your child can repeat the games and activities until their little heart is content.

Main Preschool Unit Page
Preschool unit subset page
Within the review period for this program (8 weeks) my daughter was able to complete about 90% of the pre-K 1 units. Please keep in mind we did not get online everyday to play on this site. Some days time did not allow for computer learning or she was in the mood to do her workbooks instead of working on the computer. When we were utilizing the Time 4 Learning Preschool site her favorite activities in each unit were the story books, movies, and matching games. The matching games in particular noticeably helped her to begin associating capital letters with their matching lowercase letters. During our time on this site we got to learn about the human body, weather, farm animals, the alphabet, and a whole host of other wonderful unit topics. Because my daughter's fine motor skills are not developed enough to accurately move a computer mouse I did the clicking for her while she told me the answers to the activities. This adaptation worked out very well for us. She was still actively involved in her learning and was not hung up by the frustration of not moving the mouse accurately. Older children will not experience this problem and should be able to navigate the Time 4 Learning site on their own without hesitation.

The Time 4 Learning site is not just for preschoolers. This site is a wonderful homeschool, after school, or summer enrichment curriculum for preschoolers through eight graders. Do you have a child who is on different grade levels in different subjects? Time 4 Learning will customize their curriculum based on information you provide during the online registration. You can also easily register and manage more than one student in your family. During the registration you can assign each child their own log-in and password information. This convenient option makes managing their progress incredibly easy in the reports section of your parental screen.

The Time 4 Learning curriculum includes language arts and math. Science can be added on for first through sixth grade and social studies can be added for second through seventh grades. The monthly pricing includes one or all of the subjects. There is not a discount if you want to use only one subject. Not sure if you want to take the plunge and pay for this program? Time 4 Learning has a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee within the first 14 days of your membership. Based on my experience, within 14 days of regular use you will know whether your child is benefiting from the program and if it is a good fit for your family.

Pricing: $19.95/month for the first child*
             $14.95/month for each additional child*

Time 4 Learning provided me with a free trial membership in exchange for my honest review.

*prices in effect at the time of this review. Prices may vary after this posting.

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