Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: America's Math Teacher

As part of the The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew my oldest son and I were given the opportunity to review America's Math Teacher (AMT). What is AMT you ask? America's Math Teacher is an online educational math program complete with video teaching, worksheets, and assessments.

America's Math Teacher was designed by a math teacher who saw a need for improved math education in children. He designed a 4 course math curriculum that begins with basic math skills and progresses all the way through algebra. Rick Fisher, the inventor of this program recommends beginning AMT with fourth graders. Each lesson in the AMT program is completed in 5 easy steps:
  1. Watch the lesson video in the learning center.
  2. Complete the corresponding written exercise found in the resource center.
  3. Check the answers in the solutions section.
  4. Take a quiz after each section.
  5. Take a final exam at the conclusion of each course.
Online learning allows you the flexibility that is the cornerstone of homeschooling. Using this program your child can complete their lessons when it is convenient. Online lessons also eliminate the need for costly text books.

Here is how we used America's Math teacher in our homeschool:
My 4th grade son tends to struggle with math, especially as we progress into more challenging math concepts. My son is very much a visual and auditory learner, he needs to see the lessons taught and explained in detail rather than learning the lessons from a textbook.  Because of this I was excited when we were given the opportunity to review this product. Based on his learning struggles and learning style I was hopeful that this program would help his math skills.

To begin this program I chose to complete an evaluation of his math abilities using the basic math skills evaluation exam. This online evaluation scores the test in real time giving immediate feedback for a wrong answer. I was seated next to my son as he took the exam. The score at the end of the exam was not calculated correctly. However, this seems to be a glitch in the scoring system and AMT is actively working on fixing these errors. Rick and the other customer service representatives at AMT are thankful and appreciative when errors on the website are called to their attention. For my son's sake I went through the exam answers with him and recalculated the test on my own.

Armed with the knowledge of where my son should begin in this program we set to work. To prepare for each day's lesson I always printed the corresponding math worksheet before my son set to work. Each day my son easily logged on the AMT website and watched the math lesson video that he needed to complete. Because this was a new program for both of us I chose to be near by doing housework or working with one of my younger children so that I could be readily available if my oldest ran into a problem. One aspect of the videos that we both enjoyed was the unique use of technology in the lessons.  During the lessons the instructor uses a screen and visual pen to illustrate and teach the lessons. Perhaps it was just us, but we both thought it was a neat approach to teaching. I am very happy with the progress my son made with this program. He firmed up this knowledge on some of the weaker areas and also expanded his knowledge by solidly learning new concepts. He and I both thoroughly enjoyed the program.

Would you like to try America's Math Teacher before you buy it? You can request a free 30 day trial code from a sales representative in your area. Select your state from the map here to request your free 30 day trial code.

Try AMT's videos and printed exercises for FREE!

Pricing: $195/year for a homeschool membership.

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