Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Even though it is unseasonably cold here in Iowa for Spring, the feeling of Spring is nonetheless in the air. Mr. Cardinal is feeding Mrs. Cardinal, the male Orioles returned this week to scope out nesting sites for Mrs. Oriole, baby sparrows are everywhere, lilacs are blooming, rhubarb is in abundance, and the garden is starting to sprout. I'm sure we will get another cold snap or two before the warm weather is here to stay. Regardless of the temperature, the plants and animals all tell us it is springtime.

Tonight on my walk I found a beautiful robin's egg shell. I looked above in the trees to locate the nest to no avail. I know my kids will enjoy seeing this little treasure so I have set it aside for their viewing pleasure in the morning. Hopefully they won't destroy it within the first few seconds. Nature is amazing, truly a blessing. In San Diego we really only had 2 seasons; 9 months of summer and 3 months of fall. Here in the midwest we have already seen our share of crazy weather. While I have missed the sunshine this week, I have also enjoyed the thunderstorms. Weather brings change, much like my life right now. My family and I are in the beginnings of a major life change. We had two options and we made a decision. Our life will never be the same. But that is the beauty of our decision to move, we were feeling led to leave status quo and raise our children where the good Lord has blessed; the midwest.

But I digress. . .spring denotes change, rebirth, new opportunity. My family and I are experiencing our own springtime here in Iowa.

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  1. Alexis that weather sounds lovely. It's so hot here in FL. Spring would be lovely right now.



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