Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Reason for Midwest Living

As I have indicated in previous posts, my family and I recently moved to the midwest after living in sunny Southern California for well over 30 years. My husband and I are both CA natives so we rightfully expect a culture shock and adjustment period this winter. The sun, beach, and life-long home was not enough to keep us in CA though. We wanted a simpler life for our kids, more room for them to play and be themselves, and more time together as a family spending quality time making life-long memories. The mid-west also affords us more time with extended family on my side, something I desperately wanted for my kids as they grow and mature.

After years of praying God finally afforded us the opportunity to make our dream a reality. Praise Him! And while my husband is still packing up our house and preparing to move our material things out here I am trying my best to assimilate my kids into the neighborhood and community activities. Today my kids got to experience just one of the many things that living in the midwest affords them; playing baseball. Yes, they could have played back home in CA but the cost and time commitment was prohibitive. Here not only is the cost next to nothing but the playing atmosphere is laid back and we only meet once a week for games or practice. Cheap and once a week was unheard of in CA. Today was practice for my youngest son, what a blessing he was given. He had a blast and has already started making new friends. What else could a Mother ask for? After we got home this afternoon my son asked me if he could play baseball for a long time, he said he loved it and wanted to play until he was really old. How can you not feel happy inside after your child tells you something like that? Especially knowing that in your old home that experience would not have been possible. The sense of blessing I feel after today is overwhelming, there are not words in the English language to describe the joy I feel knowing that my kids are going to have the life that I have always dreamed about for them. For so long, this reality seemed so far off, so unattainable. But look at us now! Our dream of raising our kids in the heart of America with all-american values and life experiences is coming true. God is great!

Tomorrow is practice for my oldest son. He has asked to play baseball for such a long time. Our answer was always, sure some day. Which in adult speak meant "sure someday when we can afford it". My son's chance has arrived though and I suspect there is no looking back. Yeah!!

My CA friends ask me all the time why we moved. This is just one of the many. . .

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