Friday, May 14, 2010

Helped a little bird today

My Mom and I did a good deed for nature today. . .

A poor little sparrow fell into the grape jelly feeder that we put out for the Orioles. We tried just letting it go but quickly realized that it was going to die if we didn't help it. It's poor feathers, feet, and wings were all sticky with jelly. While my Mom gingerly held it in her hands I wiped the jelly off of it's body. Funny thing is that as I cleaned off this sadly chirping bird I conjured up visions of gracefully releasing this bird into the air. Oh how was I wrong. . .while trying to check it over for more jelly the bird fought to get out of Mom's hands and flew off without a second glance. Apparently the little wiping down I did helped it out enough so it could fly. . .hopefully it lives a long healthy life and knows now to stay out of the jelly feeder.

Oh and we hit more garage sales today. . .I picked up an awesome desk for my 8 year old to use next year in school; $3. I plan on refinishing it just because I want another finish on it, but it is in amazing condition and is solid wood from the 50s, not that particle board stuff you get now.
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