Wednesday, March 13, 2013

10 Easy Steps Toward Real Food Eating

For just over a year now I have been committed to cleaning up my family's diet which includes removing processed foods and preservatives. In it's place I have added organic fruits and vegetables, organic whole wheat bread, and every meal is made from scratch. The change has not always been easy, not from a taste or recipe point of view but rather from a personal learning curve perspective. I've done quite a bit of homework and scoured every inch of my resources to come up with the best tasting yet easy ways to makeover our daily diet.

So many of my friends now seek me as a resource when they are ready to change their own diets. Because of this I have compiled a list of 10 easy steps to take when first making the change to real food eating. These are all baby steps that will lead you well on your way to cleaner and healthier eating. You won't ever regret making this change!

1. Avoid the dirty dozen, instead purchase organic versions of these fruits and vegetables

2. Replace the 3 most used vegetables and fruits in your diet with organic

3. Stop buying processed snacks and crackers. Instead make your own healthier versions

4. Say bye-bye to white flour and hello to organic whole wheat flour

5. Stop buying store bread. Instead purchase a bread machine and make your own nutrient rich organic whole wheat bread.

6. No more breakfast cereal! Boxed breakfast cereals are void of nutrition yet packed with preservatives, sugars, and fillers. Replace this convenience food with organic oatmeal. In just a few more minutes you can have a nutrition packed hot breakfast on the table for your family.

7. Replace your spices with organic versions.

8. Make your own mixes and cut out a ton of preservatives. Chili mix, taco seasoning, ranch dressing and so much more can be made at home with clean organic spices for a fraction of the store bought options.

9. Say adios to non-stick cookware. This step doesn't have to be all at once. Gradually replace your non-stick cookware with stainless steel or cast iron.

10. Replace cooking oils with healthier versions. Olive oil and coconut oil are the two I use most in my kitchen.

Azure Standard is the primary way I feed my family real organic foods without breaking our food budget. Check to see if there is a drop location near you!

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