Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lewis & Clark Study Guides & US State Unit coming soon!

This week in our homeschool we have begun a Lewis & Clark study. I have also decided to begin writing a United States state study with the main goal of memorizing the states and their capitals as well as key facts about each state. Both of these ventures are impromptu much like other parts of our history studies. Core subjects are always planned out ahead of time using prewritten curriculum but I tend to let my children and their interests dictate our history and social study topics. Once I get these study guides and lessons plans completed I will post them here on my blog for all to enjoy for free. Afterall, many hands make light work.

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  1. Those sound like fun lessons! I think you need to come to OR and visit Fort Clatsop where Lewis and Clark stayed on the west coast :) I could give many more reasons to come too!!!



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