Monday, June 14, 2010

Homeschooling while living out of boxes

Due to an extended vacation and moving, homeschool for my kids pretty much did not exist for the month of April and May. Now that my curriculum has arrived, we are working back into our study routine. And I say working back into the routine because today was pretty much a flop. No fault of my kids mind you, mostly my fault and the fact that we are living out of boxes.

I had every intention of getting some great lessons accomplished today. God had other plans for us though and I am learning to graciously go with the flow. Wherever the flow might take me throughout the day. Today for example, the flow took my kids and I to Staples. Why Staples you ask? Well, frankly because we had only one sharpened pencil for 2 kids and no pencil sharpener for the pencil my youngest son broke while I was in the shower. So in a haste and feeling of frustration I packed up the kids and headed out in the rain for some much needed school supplies.

I half contemplated heading to our storage unit to find all the supplies packed away in the abyss of boxes and household items but considering the rain and the sheer weight of some of those boxes I thought better of that decision.

Schooling while living out of boxes is proving to be a huge challenge. I don't have anywhere to efficiently store our school books and supplies. I seem to have it all in one big pile and just transfer that pile from one place to another as we use it. I miss my workboxes. I miss our school table. I miss my book shelves. I miss my organizational system.

There I said it. . .but despite all that I miss from my old house 2000 miles to the west I am blessed, thankful, and excited to experience whatever house we get to live in here in the midwest. Our future farm house will be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Living out of boxes is only temporary, our home here in the midwest is forever. The learning opportunities, challenges, and memories that my family and I will get to create together on our future farm sustain me through days like today. A broken pencil, school supplies buried in a storage unit, and a 20 minute drive to town to get a pencil sharpener are miniscule prices to pay for the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

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