Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apologia Astronomy Venus Project

As a homeschool Mom with a degree in biology I am sad to admit that science has taken a back burner in our homeschool courses in previous years. I just couldn't find the time or energy to fit yet another subject into our already full schedule. Also, after looking through countless science curriculums I wasn't able to find one that held my interest. Science is real, it is exciting, it is full of wonder and amazement. I had yet to find a science program that conveyed that excitement the way that I wanted my children to learn my favorite subject.

That was until this year! Finally we have found a curriculum that I love and thankfully my boys are enjoying it as much as I am. What are we using?

Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Young Explorer Series by Apologia.

I will save my review on this book for another post but I did want to share my 7 year old son's creative lego project for our most recent astronomy chapter. Above Mini-Me is pictured with his lego model of a volcano on Venus. A side view of the lego structure shows the profile of the volcano with a plume of ash and lava shown by the red ball on top. A lego model of the surface of Venus is suggested as a project in the Exploring Creation with Astronomy book. However, as I expected Mini-Me put his own spin on the assignment and created this very original and creative project.

As a Mother who is desperately trying to raise independent and creative thinkers I appreciate and am thankful for curriculum that encourages and fosters the very things that I am seeking in my young children. Mini-Me asks everyday to do science, he loves this book and in turn is developing a healthy love of science. I had planned on making this book our science curriculum for the year but at the pace my 7 year old wants to learn at we will most definitely fly through this book and at least one maybe 2 more this school year. I am thankful that Apologia not only has this Young Explorer Series but also has a more advanced science curriculum so that my children can learn and explore science in depth.

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