Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pirose Nursing Cover & Scarf Review

My twins will be a month old in just a few short days. As a Mama Buzz reviewer, shortly before they were born I was given the opportunity to review the Reno Rose Pirose nursing cover and scarf. When I received this item to review, little did I know to what capacity I would be using this new nursing cover.

With my previous children whom I all breast fed I simply used a blanket to cover myself and my baby when we were nursing in a setting which required modesty. These blankets were at times bulky and never stayed where I most needed them. When I was pregnant with the twins I knew I wanted to get a more formal nursing cover. Not only would I need something when we were out in public but my other kids are older now so modesty and covering up at home is also needed. I was elated when Mama Buzz offered the opportunity to review the Pirose cover.

The Pirose cover for nursing is much more than your typical nursing cover. No, this cover does not include an adjustable neck strap or rigid neckline to view your baby. However, because of the way this scarf cover is designed these features are not needed nor are they missing. I beautiful and light material of this cover flows so freely around Mom and baby that the highly marketed features of other nursing covers are not needed. The Pirose cover is contoured in such a way that the front is longer than the back and provides ample coverage while nursing. The thin flowing scarf material is light and airy which would be perfect for nursing year round but would be particularly nice if you live in a warm summer climate. An added and unexpected use that I have found for this nursing cover is to use while pumping. My girls are micro preemies so they are not able to nurse yet but I am still frequently pumping for them and I need to be covered while I pump in the NICU and at home. This cover is perfect for this use. Also, because it comes with its own matching storage bag I am able to throw it in my purse or in my breast pump bag easily. The material is so light that when packed away it takes up hardly any space; the wallet in my purse in larger than this cover when packed away. In addition to being a nursing cover, you can use it as a scarf and add some flare to your favorite matching outfit. The Pirose nursing cover comes in a wide variety of beautiful patterns, it might be hard to choose just one to purchase.

The Pirose for nursing covers are available for $35

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No other form of compensation was received.

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