Thursday, August 12, 2010

Corn Pancakes

Here in Iowa the sweet corn is being harvested and country corner farm stands are over flowing with this beautiful and tasty vegetable. In my home, it never fails that we have a few ears of corn leftover form dinner. In the past, these precious ears would usually go to waste because corn does not reheat very well. When thinking about what to do with these leftovers I thought about the corn casserole I cook during the holiday season. Why not take a similar recipe and make it into pancakes? Viola! My kids loved these treats this morning with fresh local honey drizzled over them.

Leftover Corn Pancakes

1 box (6.5oz) cornbread mix
1.5 cups leftover corn
1 large egg
1/2 cup milk
1T vegetable oil (or non-stick pan spray)

In a medium bowl, combine cornbread mix, egg, and milk. Let stand 5 minutes. Put oil (or pan spray) in a large skillet over medium heat. Drop pancake mix into hot pan and cook like typical pancakes. Serve warm with honey or maple syrup. Enjoy!

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  1. Love the recipe, and the new look :)

  2. Thank you Jenn! Please let me know if you try this recipe, my kids asked for leftovers for lunch.



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